Motorola DROID: Forget Android 2.1, Sense UI port is better

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

Remember when we said DROID owners were not happy with the delay of the update to Android 2.1? Well here is some news that is sure to cheer you up – thanks to one clever Android modder.

As reported from BGR, one user by the name of Greek35T has successfully managed to port over the popular HTC Sense UI to the Motorola DROID.

Don’t ask us how he did it, but full details and instructions can be read here. At the moment, the port is in its Alpha build so not everything is working exactly as it normally would on another handset.

For example, you can’t make 3G calls, as its 2G only at the moment. Data is said to be working fine though, but there are some issues with Bluetooth and GPS.

Will you be trying this out? Full details in the link we provided above. It gives you something to do at least until the 2.1 update is released!

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