Japan relieved over failed Bluefin tuna ban

By Peter Chubb - Mar 22, 2010

We reported a few days back that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) was looking for a ban on Bluefin Tuna fishing. Both Japan and Canada were fighting the proposal backed by the U.S. and the UK – Sushi lovers will be pleased to know that the proposed ban has failed.

The proposed ban was not a popular one; it was defeated 68 votes to 20, showing that Canada, France and a list of many poor nations do have power when it is needed. They all stated that such a measure would have put an end to their fishing industry.

According to Japan Probe, for a total Bluefin Tuna ban there would have to be a vote of more than two-thirds in support. Japan would have been one of the county’s hardest hit if the ban had gone ahead – relying on Bluefin Tuna for their profitable Sushi industry.

Are you happy that the ban did not go ahead?

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  • Forest for the Trees

    What do the idiots think will happen to their fishing industries when they fish out the Tuna. It will look like the Cod industry in the U.S., nonexistant. Japan's position is self-serving just as their purported whaling activities are for "research". Funny how all that "research" ends up on Japanese dinner tables. When there are no more fish because of your sort sightedness and lack of respect for sensible aquaculture, you can have mac & cheese.