Google Earth Street View: Military Buildings Removed

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 22, 2010

Just a couple of days ago we reported on how Google Earth’s Street View had come under fire for showing detailed images of SAS headquarters.

Google has now removed from Street View a number of military building images, which if shown could put Google in breach of the Official Secrets Act. Some of the buildings that were thought to have been photographed by the specially adapted Google Street View cars are; the headquarters of the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service also an MI5 building. It is said the possible disclosure of such locations could help launch a terrorist attack.

Google have said that although their drivers are trained not to take photographs where it prohibited by law, the images are from public roads so will show buildings that anyone could see walking down the street. They also added that where mistakes may be made Google will act quickly to remove the photographs. Checkout our previous report or go to PC Advisor for full story.

Give us your thought on Google’s Street View is it an invasion of our privacy?

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