Ford V6 Mustang: Bristol Motor Speedway and 1000 laps

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 22, 2010

Ford Mustang followers are interested in one thing when it comes to a new power train being introduced for 2011, and that is power. Even so Ford would also like to highlight the fact that although the new power plant does produce substantially more power it also has improved fuel economy.

On June 23rd Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee will host Ford’s attempt to run over 1,000 laps of its half-mile track on a single tank of gas. The new Ford Mustang’s V6 has already gained figures of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

With a target of over 500 miles from one tank, the Ford test driver’s will circle the track, hopefully hitting over 1000 laps before the tank runs dry. While the test is being carried out you can log on to and have a guess as to how many laps you think the Mustangs will finish before it coasts to a halt. Ford will then draw at random the name of one person who guessed correctly and they will win a 2011 V6 Ford Mustang. Head over to AutoBlog for more.

How many laps do you think the Mustang can do?

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  • Lou

    thats why GM needed to be bailed out and ford didnt

  • Bruce

    Hey Dennis!

    At least Ford didn't have to get our tax money to survive! Financially, Government Motors will never catch up to Ford.

  • Dennis

    Who cares its still a ruststang. If it wasnt for GM and the Camaro this piece of junk would still be getting 230 horsepower and 26 MPG highway. The only reason they upped the performance was the Camaro blew the Mustang out of the water AGAIN! In 1998 GM did with it the base V-8 Firebird/Trans Am and Camaro with 305 horse and 320 is the WS6/SS package which 1 year later Ford tried to beat but was only able to match with its Cobra.

    Ford always has and always will play catch up to GM.