Final Fantasy XIII: 1 Million units sold in US, are you bored yet?

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

Square-Enix has just confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII has managed to shift 1 Million units in the US alone, since its release on March 9th. Do you think the stat will get much bigger this week, or are you already bored of the game?

As reported from Destructoid, it now means that the 13th installment in the series, is the fastest selling to date. Last week, we told you that the game managed to shift 5 million copies total in first week sales worldwide, so we imagine that the figure has since grown.

We dont know the exact breakdown between Xbox 360 and PS3 sales specifically yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know once they are released.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you think the game would do this well? Being the fastest selling FF title so far, is a pretty big deal.

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  • Bob

    After 40 hours you would think it gets better, but instead, it takes hours to fight, you feel weaker, it takes hundred thousand hits to defeat a Boss, and become a massive boring chore..

    Hated it at chapter 9.


  • Tamikaze

    Yep, already bored with the game, i kinda regret buying it because FF13 was my first step into the series and i was really dissapointed in it, the game looks brilliant and i love the graphical work, but the gameplay is dull and the storyline doesn't help much.

    (Note for the fanboys who will probably eat me alive, i'm going to try out Final Fantasy 7, so all is not lost)