EA mess up again: Big problems with Command and Conquer 4

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

It looks like we have another DRM-related case to tell you about now, as it has been confirmed that many of you are having serious problems with Command and Conquer 4 on the PC, following its release last week.

As reported from Eurogamer, C&C4: titled Tiberian Twilight is both developed and published by EA. The game was released in the US and UK last week, with problems flooding in related to EA’s requirement of an internet connection to play.

Temporary losses of internet has caused the game to crash in many places, with some of you getting the following error message: “We will contact you with a solution.”

We wonder what that solution will be. This will be a further kick in the teeth for gamers, especially if you have just come off Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – we all know what went wrong there, don’t we?

No official word from EA regarding the problems yet, but we expect a statement to come out this week – we’ll keep you updated.

Have you seen any other problems in the game so far? Drop us a comment if you have.

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  • gimme some help…

    i insert the disc and it asks what lang bla bla bla and right after,it says play.i click play and nothing happens wtf

  • EAisDisapointing

    I'm so disappointed in C&C 4 . You MUST have internet to play, even by yourself because your gaming profile gets uploaded. I MAXED OUT MY LEVEL ON THE 2ND DAY!!!! Im really mad because the back of the case does not say you need internet to play. It Says "The biggest Command & Conquer Multiplayer to date…". Its Actually the 2nd smallest after C&C Soal Survivor. It Takes 1 second to pan from 1 side of the map to the other. On A Standard Map You Cap @ 12 Units. So now its the 4th day, my GDI & NOD profiles are maxed & I made my first custom map. 2/5ths of the people drop during transfer. & when I Play other peoples maps, they have the same issue. I Wish I could return the game. Im so Disappointing. Droping players during map transfer is proabibly the worst. Im fully patched. Its never crashed on my yet. I guess thats one thing going for it, then again except for Warhammer, I haven't had a PC game crash for about 5 years.

  • John M

    Had the game since it was released and have been unable to play as I get error message saying unexpectedly lost internet connection. Spoke to EA and they were useless to assist what a waste of money

  • John

    played the game last night, it isnt command and conquer anymore so really doesnt matter what problems the game has its crap to play, feels very limited and the new concept of play in skirmish is borring.
    very dissapointing hopefully they keep the Redalert games the same and not try to fix something that isnt broken.

  • T Evans

    Oh great…

    Just received my new game in the post, I think I will hold off installing for a few days to give the bugs a chance to be ironed out.

    • I will keep you informed T Evans, but yeah.. looking like people are having probs with it. 🙁