COD MW2: Double XP for Map Pack 1 release confirmed via Twitter

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

We have some great news for Xbox 360 owners of Modern Warfare 2 now, as Robert Bowling has just announced via his Twitter, that there will be a double XP weekend to mark the release of the first DLC map pack 1.

As reported from Eurogamer, the DLC, titled Stimulus Pack, will be going live on the Xbox Marketplace on March 30th. It will consist of five maps – three new and two old COD4 maps. Full details on them here.

The Double XP weekend will commence on Friday April 2nd, and last until Monday 5th April. If there was ever a perfect time to get to that prestige badge you’re after, those dates will be it.

Sounds good to us. Double XP on five ‘new’ maps, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • chocparsnip

    dunno if it works with xbox but if you and 3 of your mates club together and pay 3 quid each and create an account on all of your ps3's that are the same as eachother then buy it on one of the ps3's through that account, the other 3 can then download it aswell as you get 4 downloads each time you pay, so it's less than $4/£3 a pack for each of you, stops them getting rich and lets you all play on a budget in these recessional times

  • Squeaknuts

    WOW Guys Please Boycott Cod Map Packs the Game's Are Already costing Fan's $67 Dollars After Taxes. If You add Packs to the equasion its A total amount of $82 Dollars, then if the you buy another map pack it will be $97 Dollars!!! then a new version of the game will release and you will run out and do it all again and make those Game creators rich RICH RICH IS it worth all that Money if it is keep paying the amount BUT NOT ME I wont do it!!!!

  • conal

    i think its crap and wud like my microsoft points back ……………

  • yeboy

    looking forward to the new maps and double xp weekend sweeeeeeeet. all u xbox owners add me gametag- yeee booyy

  • No, double XP regardless im guessing Chris

  • forget about ps3?

    That's all great if you own a 360, but what about us PS3 owners? When we get the map packs a month later, will we get the double xp bonus too? I doubt we will….but I'm hoping.

    • Double XP is coming to PS3 too, probably at the start of May I expect.

      • heath

        yes and ps3 maps will be cheaper than xbox

        • hil

          wont be cheaper

    • doubt it

      Doubt it

  • angry gamer

    First, IT'S NOT 5 "NEW" MAPS! It's 3 new and 2 old maps. Second, who cares about dbl XP Weekend…what we should concerned about the fact that it costs 15 bucks!!! 25% of the original retail!? What'shappening here?

    • o

      yea dumbass they put quotes around new to signify theyre new to use, but not exactly all new…therefore they new 2 of them were from cod4, but not in mw2 yet

  • waheed

    the map selection in this game is broken they better fix it otherwise you wont be able to play the other maps