Soyuz spacecraft landing a success says NASA

By Peter Chubb - Mar 21, 2010

NASA reported that the Soyuz spacecraft made a safe landing in Kazakhstan on Thursday, the astronauts must be happy to be on Terra Firma after spending almost six months on the International Space Station. Russian Maxim Surayev and NASA astronaut Jeff Williams were on-board the Soyuz TMA-16 ca.

Once the spacecraft had landed in Arkalyk Russian Mi-8 helicopters circled above the LZ, which they then landed to help the astronauts out of the craft. According to the Las Vegas Sun, both Williams and Surayev were then taken to a medical tent that had been erected nearby.

Both men are said to be in good shape and are doing extremely well and cannot wait to see their families. The two of them had blasted of for the International Space Station on September 30, 2009, so missed Christmas with their loved ones.

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