Project Natal (Xbox 360): Tech invented eight years ago – Sony

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2010

It looks as if Sony has no intention of keeping the war between Playstation Move and Project Natal friendly, as Jack Tretton has stated that Sony invented the technology similar to Project Natal – eight years ago.

As reported from VG247, they are referring to their PS2 console and EyeToy accessory obviously, with Tretton advising gamers to spend $99 on a PS2 and EyeToy first, before jumping straight into Project Natal.

A quote from his recent interview with GTTV reads: ”If you really want to get involved in playing with a camera I suggest you go out and buy a $99 PlayStation 2 and play some of the great technology we invented eight years ago.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Tretton has a point, or is this an unnecessary comment from the Sony boss?

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  • kkl

    wow what abunch of butthurt fanboys. They're both good

  • tito

    WHY would I want to waste my money on a playstation 2 when they have playstation 3? Makes no sesne

  • I hate microsoft but I love xbox…. go natal go!!!

  • Jack

    Eyetoy sees in 2d. NATAL sees in 3d.

    The two tecnologies are not comparable.

    Having true 3d data and using that data to find humans, isolate them from the background in a way that's more accurate than if they had a green screen behind them, and then also pin=pointing joints in a 3D space with such accuracy has never been done before – not even close.

    The experiences are vastly different, the technology is vastly different, and for Sony to say this kind of garbage is silly.

  • Tamikaze

    Christ, you guys really need to get a grip on reality here, Sony has every right to say this due to the Eyetoy was before Natal and was around for 8 years or so. But Microsoft are taking the Eyetoy concept and improving it, whats wrong with that? that concept has been around for years and years to come, all companies do it, lik

    Just to make things clear
    The Dreameye which was created by SEGA for the SEGA Dreamcast back in the early 2000s was a digital camera/webcam which was only ever used for one game which i can't remember the name off, the camera itself has no motion sensing abilities what so ever, so its not on par with the Eyetoy

  • Tamikaze

    But for the Playstation Move
    You all claim that Sony are ripping off Nintendo from this idea, but where did Nintendo come up with this idea? once again the great and noble SEGA came up with a few concepts for the Dreamcast long before the Wii was a twinkle in the eye of who ever thought of it. Plus there is a concept video created by someone who worked for Midway back in 2000, who created a motion controller for the Dreamcast and was showing the concept on Ready To Rumble on the Dreamcast and it worked, he then said that he was going to take the concept further and make the controllers wireless.. (Remind you of something?) but he got fired later on. You can find this video on Youtube. Also google, Dreamcast remote and you'll find some images of the remote as well.

    • S G

      Im sorry but lets think back a bit further. Anyone remember Duck Hunt on the Nintendo??

  • ArticleReader

    Great another damn add on for the 360

  • pip

    real time motion capture was never inside any eyetoy of any generation right up until the modern ps3 eye. this is a stupid pr spin campaign to capture the minds of the un-informed and the ignorant. anyone with a brain knows that this is all rubbish.

  • kingtony

    Wait a sec . The playstation did come out with a the eye toy . But has never perfected it. Now that microsoft has .. u wanna come out and say sony invented it 8 years ago and has stole there idea … give up to microsoft . .. sony has outsold micro in the japanesse market not in the united states … microsoft keeps on dealiviring on new add ons and new experince it has conquerd the online gamilng platform … sony has a lot of cathing up to do so please stop hating thank you

  • juan

    sorry the dreamcast had the dreameye before sony had the eye toy and now they're ripping off nintendo's wiimote while saying xbox ripped of the eye toy that they ripped off of sega's dreameye thats desperate , id be more likely to buy sonys move if they just show how good it is but when ure promotion consists of insulting other competitors its a bit desperate, especially with the strong sales and good games sony are producing ,and if anything just fuels all the fanboys

    • Tamikaze

      The Dreameye was a webcam/digital camera not a motion sensing camera, you can't really compare it to the eyetoy.

  • pip

    real time motion capture was never inside any eyetoy of any generation right up until the modern ps3 eye. this is a stupid pr spin campaign to capture the minds of the un-informed and the ignorant. anyone with a brain knows that this is all rubbish.

    for sony to say this publicly shows how desperate they are to turn people off of natal. sony knows that the science behind Natal is years beyond any intellectual property sony possess.

    Only people without a clue about anything can seriously believe that Natal is an eyetoy clone. my advice to those who actually believe this garbage….do some research and get a clue…

  • David wade

    First off Natal is way beyond Sonys excuse for Motion control, As the above in a comment it says Sony made it with the eye toy 8 Years ago, There for is already a relic in terms of Tech. The Eye Toy was a Big Failure, Where as Natal is New a grate peice of Tech and most inportent its on Xbox360 Not Playstation I mean (CrapStation). Sony slags off Microsoft all the time because its there way of trying to get PS3 Fan boys to big up the fight & Join in with them, Making Microsoft look daft. Lets wait & see what happens when Natal is out. Taking into account of 360s Console, Add-ons & games sales, Predict From launch Natal only of Family & pro gamer use Will sell 5m Units world wide within 3 months, Consoles sold for wanting to use Natal 3m units in 4 months. People with PS3s knowing they made a terrible mistake then buying a 360 with Natal 10m units. Microsoft will prevail.

  • MetalGearRising

    Sony rip off Nintendo and MIcrosoft lol and they got nerves to say they say MS is copying them.

    Mircosoft Sidewinder- release around the 90s Sixaxis anyone

    Sega DreamCast Eye release only in japan 2000 3years before ps2 eyetoy

    Ninetendo Wii November 19, 2006

    Wii MotionPlus and AiLive's LiveMove 2: Motion recognition and tracking

    From my friend………Sonyslave3 from N4G……..u all got owned.

    • Tamikaze

      The Dreameye was a webcam, it had not motion sensing abilitys what so ever, so that doesn't really count in a battle against the Eyetoy/Natal. But you could argue about the Dreamcast Motion sensing controller and Dreamcast remote, if you google them both you'll find images and even a video about them.

      In all fairness, Microsoft created the XBOX from the Dreamcast design, Peter Moore once stated that during 2000/2001 Microsoft workers literally just walked in, looked at the Dreamcast designs and other technical stuff on how to make the consoles, took notes and such and just left.

      Also if you want to drag this into a heated debate about whos copying who, you could argue the fact that any company who is used a D-Pad on their consoles controllers are ripping off Nintendo since they created it first.

      Plus you need to think, this is called business, companies take other ideas and create them into their own design, this has been around probably long than you've been alive.

  • Bradley

    ok ps3 is jealous because look at natal compared to eye toy. eye toy was an epic fail. it sucked completly. the natal is better in everyway. it sees in 3d, has voice recognition and beter movement recognition. this will put video gaming one step closer to virtual reality.

  • bollo


    Jelousy? Of what? If you are referring to the higher sales of the 360 I would refer you to the fact the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide last year and is currently doing the same in 2010. The 360 still has the lead because of its years head start but its pretty clear the PS3 will overtake it. Your 'jealousy' comment cant possibly be referring to games seeing as the highest rated exclusives of the past 2 years have pretty much all been on the PS3, a fact which has been recognised at the AISA awards (the gaming Oscars).

    It is a fact that Sony released a camera operated motion controller years ago and then another one a few years ago. Care to comment on that?

    • matt

      What are you on about? Better exclusives? Ok we accept Ps3 will have some good and even excellent games. But XBox is the console that constantly delivers big budget high end exclusives. For example: Left 4 Dead 2 Halo odst forza 3 mass effect 2 alan wake splintercell conviction crackdown 2 halo reach fable 3 natal bloc party 1 vs100 tropico3 section 8 mw2 dlc etc etc etc

      • Toastrules

        Resistance 2, Littlebigplanet, Demon's Souls, God of War, Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Killzone 2, MAG, Metal Gear, MotorStorm, Agent, SOCOM, Uncharted 2, Playstation Move, Modnation Racers, Batman Arkham asylum DLC (not announced for the 360 yet, if at all), Playstation Home, Rachet and Clank

        Lets recap what you just said… With COMMAS

        Left 4 Dead 2, Halo: ODST, Forza 3, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Natal, Bloc Party, 1 vs 100, Tropico 3, Section 8 (which is coming to the PS3, so this doesn't really count), MW2 DLC (also still coming to the PS3) etc etc etc

        Now…. PS3: 19
        Xbox: 13
        Tie: 2

        And if you really count Halo ODST and Halo: Reach separate, then I can count Resistance 3, and Killzone 3 separate as well.

    • Timothy Stone

      yeah, I will comment on that. The eyetoy is a regular video camera that has been in PC’s for years. We had eyetoy games before there were eyetoy games. Google the intel camera and see the games that were introduced with it.

      The eyetoy is nothing but a regular PC web camera with low resolution that is used for motion detection. Which any camera on the market can do since the late 1990’s.

      Richard marks is a hack. Playstation fans are ignorant and don’t understand what the real technologies are out there so of course they are going to be impressed.

      Natal, is a 2D video camera as one eye and the other is a 3D video camera in the other eye and then the visuals are combined with software to create computer vision. Then Microsoft teaches the computer what a leg is in 3D and what an arm is in 3D and it really is the latest in A.I. and computer vision. This means that it is not only more accurate and responsive than eyetoy but it can do things that eyetoy could not do.

      For example, the tech can tell what is behind you and what is in front of you and can measure those movements and can tell when you put your hand behind your back.

      Sony is good at making really good games such as Uncharted 2, but not so good at general computing software and this is a domain in which Microsoft dominates.

      Sony’s Richard marks and his handfull member team going up against Microsoft’s multiple thousand people in research and development.

  • @bob
    It is the truth, though. Microsoft doesn't invent anything. They steal ideas from people and make it their own. Just look at the UI of Windows 7. **cough** Thanks, Apple **cough**

    • zak

      hmmm **cough** thanks wiimote for the controller idea** cough**(sony)

      • Tamikaze

        SEGA beat Nintendo to the controller idea..

    • mboojigga

      Like Trophies right? Right?

    • CKTM Violent J

      Actually Project Natal and the Eye Toy are completely different. Project Natal has a full body scanner, were the Eye Toy needs you to hold an object in order to interact. Now I will say that the Wii stole the idea from Sony.

  • bob


  • bob