Playstation Move: Tech demo shows 3D multitouch possibilities

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2010

Here is something that PS3 owners will not want to miss, as a new Tech demo of Playstation Move has popped up courtesy of Engadget – in which we get a much closer look at Move’s 3D and Multitouch possibilities.

The tech demo was part of Engadget Show Live, which took place on Saturday evening. Dr Richard Marks from Sony’s R&D department was on hand to give out all new details about Playstation Move.

As you can see from the opening of the video, Playstation Move has support for 3D multitouch features – as the tech demo shows a series of moveable shapes being created using Move, which can then be manipulated in a series of ways and viewed in a variety of angles.

As pointed out in the video, this tech can be perfectly utilized in a real-time strategy game for example, with quick access to 3D style maps for easy positioning and so on – I’m thinking Command and Conquer here people.

It looks very impressive from my point of view. If you were thinking that Move was just a simple extention to the Nintendo Wii mote, this video should clear up all your doubts.

Watch it below, then let us know what you think of it. Are you surprised after seeing this or not?

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  • jerrypons

    Holy Majority Report!
    Steven Spielberg should have been the guest for PSMove last E3 2009 not on Project Natal ^_^