MW2 Stimulus Map Pack: New Video released, still worth 1200 MS?

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2010

We have some good news for Modern Warfare 2 fans ahead of the big March 30th date now, as another gameplay video has popped up, giving you a chance to have a sneak peek at the upcoming Stimulus DLC Map Pack.

The video comes to us courtesy of ConsoleTech, who have uploaded a video consisting of two parts over at their forums.

They give you a look at the five maps contained, which are the new maps Bailout, Storm and Salvage, as well as old school COD4 maps in Crash and Overgrown.

They look pretty cool, but do they justify the 1200 MS Points price tag? It seems a lot of you are not happy about it, but will end up paying it anyway – it is Modern Warfare 2 after all.

Watch the videos in the link above, let us know what you think of them.

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  • The author wrote about some engaging things in this posting. I came across this article by using Yahoo and I must confess that I already subscribed for your site, it is quite decent 😉

  • cerattii

    where are the mapppppsssss!!!!

  • alan mcavoy

    bunch of saddos waiting all day for the map pack. i would laugh if it was put back by a few days

  • Onlyonepablo

    @robbs, ye you can buy the maps but you cant play them!!!

  • Robbs

    Still no maps up yet?

  • Connor :)

    Well the map packs wil becoming out on the hour but which hour is hard to tell it will be about 2 or 3 because america is behind so they get it about lunch 🙂 hope i helped 🙂

  • batese

    can anybody download them yet? i know of nothing, i just went to get microsoft points and paid a fortune. i want the maps, i've committed myself.


    So what 530 EST?

  • xboxkill

    The XBL marketplace getting always at 10.30 GMT the update. After that, the maps should be downloadable

  • jamy

    wtf its after midnight andno maps

  • Aaron

    will it come in one package or you have to play seperatly for each map??

  • jordan theres new perks and guns watch the vid

  • Joe

    where is the link for the video?

  • Alex

    Where the hell are the new camos an guns an titles an emblems swear they better put that in there. And like i said b4 make the new mas 800 an the old ones 400 make them seperate.

    • Josh

      @Alex. If they were to bring in new camo, weapons, titles and emblems, they would come in the Title Update that always accompanies Call of Duty DLC, they're not going to make people pay for these things. They would give it to everyone for free so that there is a level playing field. We will never know until we get the Title Update which IS coming so just keep fingers crossed that we see new content in the TU as we are already getting maps from DLC.