Apple iPhone: What can you do with 4G say Sprint – new Ad

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2010

Sprint has released a brand new ad, showing off their 4G WiFi hotspot device, which can be used on handsets such as the Apple iPhone – explaining to customers that iPhone users locked on AT&T have an alternative option than just 3G connectivity.

As reported from Apple Insider, Sprint has given an official ad to their Overdrive device, which clearly takes aim at AT&T’s lack of a 4G network for iPhone customers at the moment.

Just how many of you know about Sprints Overdrive device? In the Ad, it promises that Overdrive can make the iPhone’s data connections ‘up to 10 times faster’ than what is currently available on AT&T.

Watch the Ad below and let us know what you think. For full details on the 4G Sprint overdrive router, see our previous article here.

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  • I haven't used the overdrive specifically, but I have used their 4G service with a wipipe extender. It does make the iPhone web access faster, though not necessarily by a factor of ten over a good 3G connection. (I would estimate it as 2X to 4X faster.)

    The trade-off is portability and cost. Sprint's 4G use requires an extra $70 per month for two years in addition to whatever the iPhone bill costs. And similarly, Verizon is telling you to save $130 and bypass the wi-fi capable iPad only so they can charge you $70 per month for at least two years. It's an odd value proposition for those who aren't already using these services.