Apple iPad Killer: Palm webOS Tablet PC

By Peter Chubb - Mar 21, 2010

With little over a week to go until the Apple iPad begins shipping, other companies can only watch in amazement at how popular the tablet PC is to become – and it is the Cupertino company that has the jump on everybody. Palm would be one of those companies as they are watching their company slowly go down the pan, experts believe their shares will be worth $0 in a year.

However, Palm could do something to help take the fight to Apple’s iPad and help bring its brand back from the pan – with a little help from webOS. PC World wonders what would happen if troubled Palm went back to its PDA roots and launched a tablet PC device of their own.

This is certainly something that has gotten the attention of many of us; just consider what it would be like to have a tablet device running on the remarkable webOS. The first thing that Palm would need to do is secure a deal not just with Sprint, but Verizon and AT&T as well.

The Palm tablet would be able to use the same multitasking capability as the Pre, something that the current iPhone and upcoming iPad cannot – although this could happen in the next version of iPhone OS.

PC World reckons that Palm should abandon the smartphone market – instead concentrating on a webOS tablet instead. If Palm do this right, then its Palm device could take the fight to Apple and could even win, thanks to a little support from more carriers – unlike the iPads one, AT&T.

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  • Jason S

    Man I love my Pre Plus and would definitely buy a WebOS Tablet as soon as it comes out. Love the Ipad and android OS too but since i work for Verizon i get to play with every phone/device that we get in and i have ended up loving web OS more than any other. With Flash and multitasking, maybe this device would launch a whole new wave of webOS developers for Palm/HP and we can see the value of Palm increase drastically since the HP acquisition.

  • R.Garcia

    A palm tablet would rock. Multi tasking, flash support are enough to win the war. Just add in a nice light weight design, and make it comparable in price. I don't know if it will kill the ipad but it would be the better tablet hands down. does it have the same number of apps? no but how many worthless crap apps do you we need. I'd much rather have the flash and multi taking.

  • Why is it that Palm has to 'kill' the iPhone, I cannot recall seeing anyone saying that it should be an Android killer? I have a Pre and it is a great phone/communication tool and is what I primarily use it for. All the other stuff, media player, games etc are just a bonus. webOS gets better and better with each release, yes it has had its problems but so has Android and iPhone.

    webOS with all of its features on a tablet, yes please.

  • Rob

    I would love to see a WebOS tablet. I own both a Palm Pre & an Ipod Touch. I think WebOS, while still working out some kinks, is a much better experience compared to the iPhone/Touch/iPad OS.

    Now that it has a full development kit able to support native C apps as well as great web based apps and Adobe Flash support it could easily replace a Netbook, something the iPad just can't do.

    The Card interface with true Multitasking in WebOS is just so nice and user friendly. Palm has a great future with WebOS as it is extremely well suited to what is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous mobile device landscape.

    • girlsongbird1

      I totally agree with web os being a better experience. I also own an itouch and palm pre. The pre is user friendly and the multitasking is awesome. I would have bought an ipad by now if it could multitask. The idea of having to close one program to use another is ridiculous with today's technology. Not to mention who has time for that? The ipad seems to be a giant itouch with some added features to make it fun. That kind of functionality makes the ipad way over priced. My Palm Pre is more like a computer than the ipad. I actually can add content to my website with it! And I am not stuck with itunes if I don't want to be. I have itunes and I like it but I would like to have a choice.

  • Sergio Menendez

    Apple iPad Killer: Palm webOS Tablet PC…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….thats the funniest damn thing I have heard all week! The Palm webOS is a turd on their phone and it would be a bigger turd on a tablet. Palm is a company on a death watch. The ONLY thing that will come close to saving them is to immediately ditch their webOS and adopt Android and put out some innovative handsets. But they are just gonna ride that webOS right down the drain.