Tips Before Xbox 360 Project Natal Release

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2010

If you are thinking of picking up Project Natal on the Xbox 360 when it is released towards the end of the year, we have an essential article for you to read now, which gives you some vital tips that you’ll want to take into account before using it.

As reported from TechFlash, the article reminds you that Project-Natal is a full on hands-free experience, so you’ll want to set up Project Natal in a room where you can have plenty of arm space, for things like ‘swinging arm gestures’.

Specifically, they state that you will want to set up an empty space for Project Natal around 4 meters away from your television – as this will take into account the distance needed for the Natal sensors equipped on the device to operate properly.

What are your thoughts on this? More details through the link.

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