Microsoft Xbox 360 gets political over Obama username

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 20, 2010

While we believe in freedom of speech, you also have to be realistic that you cannot say anything you want and not expect a backlash if what you say affects someone in a negative way, especially if we’re talking about the United States President.

One Xbox Live user decided to use the Gamertag “mpeach obama21” and that did not go down well with some users, and Microsoft themselves. We have all seen some really weird gamer user names before, but this is the first we heard of Microsoft taking political action like this.

Will the freedom of expression that the Internet provides end one day? The quick answer to this is almost certainly a yes. has posted a nice article about this username being disallowed, have a read here.

WorldNetDaily contacted Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE, and got a response that asked them how they would feel if they were Obama. Let us know your thoughts on this, and about Political Correctness.

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