iPhone 4G: New Android handset needed in 2010

By Peter Chubb - Mar 20, 2010

The rumors of an iPhone 4G being released in the summer of 2010 will not go away, the news has slowed a little as the U.S. awaits the first shipments of the iPad, followed by other countries in May. However, the new iPhone will be all what tech people will talk about again, something that could affect sales of other handsets, such as Android.

When Google first launched its Android based smartphones they had hoped to take the fight to Apple and its iPhone, this never went the way the search engine giant planned. However, since the release of the Nexus One at the start of the New Year, sales figures have started to look promising.

We recently explained that Android handset sales have now started to increase, with iPhone sales slowing. There is a good reason for this – those wanting to purchase a new iPhone would rather wait for Apple to launch its 4th-generation model.

If and when the iPhone 4G is released we can expect to see Android handsets, such as the Nexus One and Droid slump. Google must have anticipated this; one would presume that they are already working with HTC or maybe another cell phone maker on the next Android smartphone.

For Google to keep taking chunks out of Apple’s cell phone market share, then a new handset is needed, so what features will it need to have any chance with the iPhone? The Nexus One is a great handset with powerful hardware, but it just seems to lack that wow factor that the iPhone has.

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  • Aluwani

    The writer seems not to know much about phones, thats just my opinion. He talks about android needing another smartphone after Google Nexus one, as if Nexus one was the only Android flagbearer. The true Android sales leader is the Motorola Droid/ Milestone, and as for HTC they have already put out plenty of Androids since the Nexus One came out; the Desire, which is esentially a Nexus One with HTC badging, and the Legend, an update to the previous Android cash cow, the Hero. There is also the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which came after Nexus One, and now the market is waiting for the monster Samsung Galaxy S which has the best display that has ever been used on a mobile phone.

  • millertime6nine

    IPhones are junk. They’re under-spec’d and are just so popular because its apple and its exclusive. Noone knows that android and webOS are more fun operating systems to use. I have plenty of very useful apps on my droid, I have an iTouch so I do have a taste of the app store. But the iPhone can credit its success to pop culture and people wanting to be popular. Its os lacks any character and isn’t fun to use. I hope android and windows phone 7 can finally start showing ppl that there are better options than an iPhone.

  • I agree I am so impatiante. I am tired of hearing about all these other iphone killers. Let’s be real, there isn’t a better phone than the iphone.

  • George Richardson

    Come chaps, you are a bit behind the times.
    My provider 02 said that a new iphone is on the way, as they have been officially notified.

  • Jamil

    The only thing i hate about Apple is how exclusive they are with there products. I suppose it's with a purpose but, i want to know wether or not i should wait for the next gen. iPhone. i'm inpatient as it is… I could care less what htc or google has to offer, nothing, in the forseable future, will compete with the iPhone. It's about the "Wow factor."

  • Amanda

    I've never read a tech article with more comma splices before.

  • Stephan Pieri

    The Nexus One was rushed i think. Yeah it's a great phone, and the hardware is miles ahead of any other device in its league, but there are a few things which are missing.

    If Google and HTC work very closely, madeling the perfect device, with all the right hardware for future OS updates, then it will blow the iPhone out of the water. Why? Well when iPhone release another phone, android will roll out an OS to this new super handset. The cost of an iPhone is quite large, as apposed to the OS update from Android…free.