Google Earth’s Street View: SAS headquarters images row

By Peter Chubb - Mar 20, 2010

Google Earth’s Street View has come under fire yet again, this time for showing detailed images of the SAS headquarters. The SAS (Special Air Service) headquarters entrance has never appeared on any maps, and for good reason – now Street View decided to show to the world a 180-degree view of it. As you would imagine, this has caused a huge row.

Top News reports that it comes as no surprise that security experts are warning that terrorist attacks could happen because of these images becoming available. A military source said that it seems strange that Google Earth blur license plates and faces, but are not worried about showing images that could result in a terrorist attack.

Google Earth may have to rethink its whole Street View service following a number of recent incidents. There is the case where a 4-5 year old child was seen with his trousers down, and where images of murdered teen, Ashleigh Hall had appeared on the service, which you can read more about here.

Do you think that Street View is getting out of hand, what should Google do?

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  • shawn

    thats so stupid , if can be photographed . you can take your own pic of it . so it must be that terrorist dont own a camera doh

  • Elderlybloke

    Down here in New Zealand, a local girl got her photo in the local newspaper, about her new job of driving the Google photo car around our town.
    She will also travel to a couple of neighbouring towns to photograph them .

    No one here raised even an eyebrow over this.
    Maybe we are not neurotic as some other populations are with are the whining and winging that has been going on recently.

    Some female was photographed in a street a couple of weeks before she was murdered , and Google are supposed to have known this , and all the

  • Cynic

    It's not exactly a secret location if its listed in Wikipedia, LOL