ABC Shakedown Plus: New iPhone Learning App

By Gary Johnson - Mar 20, 2010

ABC Shakedown Plus 1.0 a new learning app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices has been released. Through interactive play, the app teaches and entertains children to understand letter sounds and recognition.

Released by I-itch Inc, the app follows the developer’s popular first app “ABC Shakedown”. The new version has been researched and classroom tested, to achieve an app that is entertaining and educational. The app has three different games that help a child learn to read and recognize the alphabet.

One of the featured games in the app uses a slide show feature to display each letter, and the user can shake the device to work through the alphabet. The individual games help to reinforce skills by building on what has been learned previously. Find ABC Shakedown Plus 1.0 on the App Store for only $1.99. iPhone or iPod Touch required with OS 3.0 or later.

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  • Mary Davids

    Has anyone else bought this app? I downloaded it last night while browsing the app store for games for my daughter. I was actually really surprised with how cool it was. I didn't really understand the concept of education via an iphone but this game is actually really educational. My Daughter loves "Hear It Hit It". Its a great game to keep her occupied when your running around. $1.99 is a pretty reasonable price for the app. You would be surprised how entertaining all three games are.

    I give it an A-