Xbox 360 Slim Version: E3 2010 may give release date

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2010

From what originally started with some motherboard images, it has now turned into real promise. Of course we are talking about the rumored Xbox 360 Slim console, the latest rumors are pointing at an official reveal at this year’s E3 event.

According to a report over at GoFanboy, Microsoft will be following a similar move as Sony, by announcing a Slimmer SKU model of the Xbox 360, while at the same time – reducing the price of the original model.

GoFanBoy also thinks that the Xbox 360 Slim SKU will be introduced at $199, then reduced to $149 shortly after – also following a similar move with the standard model.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Microsoft will announce the Slim at E3 2010 or not?

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  • KriticalWarfare

    @reneeswifts Its coming out June 18 im not sure what your reading but its wrong sorry to tell you.

    • y2k

      no,he means other countries

  • Release date will be on July 16 @ 299 USD. Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

  • mypenisisfuckinghuge

    it would be sweet if they made an Xbox 360 Elite Slim

  • hey123

    lol no way i think it would be have a price of 299 and elite would get a price cut

  • joe biden. loljk

    who cares E3 2010 is in june.
    it aint coming out for a while