Will Palm shares be worthless within 12 months?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

Palm has been in trouble for some time now, the handset maker had hoped that the Pre smartphone would be able to save the company, but this did not happen. The last earning reports were very poor for Palm, so much so that Wall Street analyst believes that within 12 months the shares will be worthless.

According to Mashable, Palm’s revenue has tripled this past quarter compared to the previous year, but from all the handsets that were shipped to stores, only half of them sold. Palm has since announced an estimate of what they think their shares will be worth by the next quarter, which is half.

Both the Palm Pre and Pixi were only available on Sprint on release; they have since been launched on Verizon. If both handsets had been made available on Verizon from the start, then we would not be talking about Palm’s shares being worthless in a year’s time.

Do you think Palm will be able to work through these troubling times?

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  • tet

    I don't think the share will be worthless, come on!..be realistic!!..they are the guru..how could wallstreet douches downgrade and because of that people panic and start selling the stock..
    I believe they will make it up, there are plenty of rooms for mobile market around the globe…let's say you have market in asia, and africa…it is already good to go..palm needs to go future or beyond US market..