Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360): Demo Live, Your Thoughts?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 19, 2010

If you own an Xbox 360 you have probably noticed that the demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction is now live, the free demo is a 1.19GB download, also the game has an 18+ rating.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is the sixth Splinter Cell game in the series, however is only the second Splinter Cell game to launch on the Xbox 360, the last Splinter Cell game to launch on the Xbox 360 was Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent, this was released almost four years ago.

This game is said to offer an unparalleled level of action, also the high-tech weaponry and the cutting-edge gameplay innovations are said to make this the best Splinter Cell game yet.

The actual release of the game will take place on the 13th of April, however the demo at least offers some gameplay for Splinter Cell fanatics who have waited for this game for too long.

Have you played the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo? Feel free to write your own mini-review in the comments section below.

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  • jimmy

    I pre-ordered the CE of this game with high hopes after watching the videos from E3 and reading years worth of pre-hype about what this game was going to be about. I did not expect Sam to be back with the agency, but I did expect something similar to the original games. SC is by far my favourite series. I thought Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory were fantastic and I even enjoyed most of Double Agent….but this demo was a let down. I am still proceeding with my order because I am a fan of the series and I am hoping it grows on me…but it is not what I expected or hoped for. Time will tell.

  • Tom

    Really easy, even on realistic difficulty. not really a whole lot stealthy, can take down every enemy on the game just with the pistol while ducking in and out of cover.

    cant move the bodies

    interigation is lame just press b and watch an animation

    im quite disappointed really im still going to buy it though im need to get a more stealthy shooting game im sick of cod

  • bart

    there are some nice new features like the mark & execute, very funny
    but, this game is just not a good splinter cell it just doesn't fit.
    but I'm still gonna buy this one because it's in some ways epic:D

  • Jake

    after chaos theory, these games have been getting worse. the game doesn't involve strategy like it did before, and now it's just a shooter. the AI is terrible, taking a couple seconds of standing in front of them for them to start shooting. to lose them, all you have to do is go behind cover. instead of investigating, they just scream, "that looks like an an ambush spot, i'm gonna stay right here," making it easy to just go around them and kill them without them even thinking. there's no consideration whether you're in the light, or being too loud, no knife, no moving bodies, no interrogation, no knock out button, and half the time a "hand to hand" kill involves shooting them a few times. if you're looking for a shooter, this might be your niche, but if you're looking for a sequel to the previous games, you'll be disappointed.

  • Jason

    All of you who bashed the game just don't want to see change. Give it an honest chance. I mean, it's just like watching a movie trilogy. I don't wanna see the first movie remade fifty times. You have to improve and makes things better and a little different for others who may not be used to the genre. Like me. I haven't played one SC game but, when I saw all the trailers and stuff for this game I wanted to play it and I didn't even own and Xbox. I bought one just for this game. I was more disappointed with Uncharted whose cut scenes looked horrible! At least SC has great animation throughout the entire game. Not, cutscene looks awesome and gameplay graphics suck. Like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sorry, but, the only thing I seen wrong with SC was the constant release date delay. Metal Gear Solid 4 is still my all time favorite game. Now, all game companies should take notes from Konami about stealth/action games. But maybe SC might get my stamp of approval once it's released and I've had a chance to play it..

  • DuracellDurrell

    disappointed really. I loved the other's slow pacing, and the way that you actually took the time to eliminate people without others noticing. and why can i not move bodies now? I also took issue with how fast sam moves. you should still have the super sensitive controls of the other games and be able to move slow and quiet. this new faster gameplay is fun, but not what i'm looking for in a splinter cell game

  • Samuel Fisher

    They peaked with Pandora Tomorrow and failed to reach those heights with this outing, Shame really….

  • Ralph

    BOO .

    you can't even move bodies?

  • Jimmie

    Its seems like a decent game, but as a Splinter Cell title, It's a let down.

    Not a fan of the projected style objectives and i HATE the black and white for invisibility . Also, the ghost of Sam for where he was last seen seems kinda pointless and looks awful. Controls feel a little screwy.

    For the first time in the whole series, I'm gonna have to sit this one out.

  • A$h

    was a little akward at first but after about my fourth run-through I could dak down an army on realistic difficulty. Takes getting used but after that is so much fun i've probably played the demo about 50 times. Congrats Ubisoft!

  • A$h

    was a little akward at first but after about my fourth run-through I could dak down an army on realistic difficulty. Takes getting used but after that is so much fun i've probably played the demo about 50 times. Congrats Ubisoft!

  • GK15

    I was honestly a little disappointed. The interrogation scene was incredible, but te gameplay was a little awkward. Give them props for innovating a new system, but it'll take some getting used to. The graphics were good but not great. I've been a fan of the sc series since the 1st so i'm still gonna pick it up.

  • Kia

    I normally hate sam fisher, but this game is pretty damn good. Its smooth and fast, but there are some elements i would change; for example, sam fisher is almost undectable and guards all have tunnle vision, but the story looks good but it sounds kind of cliché.

  • phipho

    I played it. I dig it. Been down with Sam Fisher since the jumpoff but this is a totally different game altogether. Very fast. Very fluid. Really looking forward to the full experience. Unreal baby!

  • kan

    Absolutely loved it! Been waiting for over 4 years and it's slightly better that i expected.

    Mark & Execute is great and the game is not too easy which was what i was worried about.

    When you've got it on Realistic and you've got men sweeping the area looking for you it's very tense! You have to think and act quickly!

    Can't wait for the release!

  • Dallin

    It is the best game I have ever played in my entire life I thought it was going to be a great game. but after playing the demo it is the best game i have ever played. So I pre-ordered the collecter's edition. cantn wait!!!!!!!!!!