Social Media Marketing Strategy: How to use Twitter etc to your advantage

By Jamie Pert - Mar 19, 2010

At the moment more and more companies are reaping the benefits, which social media offers to businesses, however there are right and wrong ways to use this medium to your advantage, if you check out Mashable’s article you can see fours ways “to Effectively Use Social Media as a Catalyst”.

Obviously the first hurdle for building your social media profile is publicizing your Twitter/Facebook/GoogleBuzz account, Mashable believe that big companies have great success when becoming involved with cause marketing, this can then inform potential customers of your social media, and will also allow your company to “have a voice”.

Burger King’s recent ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ marketing strategy is a great example of building your social media profile via an offline advertising campaign, by offering a free product in exchange for increasing their number of fans on Facebook Fan page. Burger King and Burger King’s customers both get something out of the deal.

Using media coverage to build your social media profile can really bring your social media accounts to potential customers who do not perhaps ‘live a technical life’, different forms of media coverage brings different results, however if people constantly see details regarding your social media account they are more likely to check it out.

Finally Mashable talk about using technology to boost your social media profile, undoubtedly mobile applications can be used to publicize social networking to millions of people this is great because adding a link within your application adds relatively no extra cost, however can help publicize future development dramatically.

Source: OSM, Mashable

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  • Twitter is a cool way to rapidly connect with others, produce great online visibility, drive traffic,. and even advertise and make sales. The problem with twiter is that many people mess up their marketing strategy from the beginning. The good news here is that makes it easy for you to stand out when you do it properly.