New iPhone 4G: Your Dread List In 2010?

By Alan Ng - Mar 19, 2010

We have an article for you to read now, in which a debate has begun on what features you would like to see for the upcoming iPhone 4G handset – expected to release this Summer.

What we are more interested in hearing though, is the things that you hope Apple do NOT include in the next iteration of the iPhone.

Over at Cnet, they list things like an OLED screen, better sound quality, an HD output and much more. These are things that owners are requesting as a feature they’d like to see.

However, we are also hearing that some users want ‘expandable memory’ too. It is highly unlikely that Apple will implement this, as I think they (Apple) presume that their internal memory capacities is good enough for most iPhone users – which I can agree with.

Then there is the battery issue. As we all know, it is built into the iPhone and there is no way of removing this. Do owners want this to be the case with the iPhone 4G, or would you prefer to see a removable battery?

Have a read at Cnet’s article here, then tell us what your Dread list for the iPhone 4G is.

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  • Still_Waiting

    Multi-tasking, so that I can run the tomtom application and speak hands free at the same time … or allow tethering so that I may receive traffic updates on my current tomtom navigation device.