Millions of Facebook users avoid photos: Feel too fat, old or ugly

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

Facebook has taken the world by storm with hundreds of millions of us signed up with an account. Most users of the social media site have their photos uploaded for all to see, but there are a number of people who choose not to upload their image. The reason behind this is because they think they are too fat, old or ugly.

According to an article in The Telegraph, a recent survey showed that one in two Facebook users said that they decided not to upload a picture of themselves. 14 percent of woman on the social media site said that they even un-tagged themselves on each picture that they are in.

Shockingly one in ten women said that they felt sick each time they saw a picture of themselves on Facebook, with 13 percent admitting to avoiding having their photo taken in the fear of it ending up on Facebook.

We were surprised to learn that one in ten people said that they used an image of someone else on their profile, such as an avatar or their dog. Five percent admitted to using an image of someone better looking than them, in the hope of getting more attention from a member of the opposite sex.

Have you done anything like that on your Facebook profile?
We ran a story today asking what would people choose, Social Media or Sex?, as some people have chosen the latter.

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