Google Earth: Maps and Ads Tested in Australia

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

Google Earth in Australia looks a little different, maybe it has something to do with those sponsored ads that appear on the maps. We are not certain if this will be implemented on just the Aussie program or if Google will make it a standard for the U.S., UK and others?

The icons that appear on Google Earth’s Australian version has been showing ads for Bankwest and JB Hi-Fi, this is certainly another great way for the search engine giant to generate some revenue. This new system that is being tested is very different to Google’s usual ad system, they are not purchased as you do with Adwords- instead you pay for the number of impressions.

Not any company will be accepted for the program, Google will see if each company is relevant before they allow their logos to appear. If a user does not hover over or click the logo then it will jus disappear.

Google will not charge companies the same price, how much they pay is based on the value of the business. For more details visit Mashable

March Madness College Basketball 2010 is now well underway, visit Google where you can take a 3D tour of each stadium.

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