General Motors next-generation heads-up display

Heads-up displays are not a new invention, but only really seen on higher end vehicles in the market. However General Motors have developed a new generation heads-up display with the help of several universities.

The augmented reality information dashboard gives the driver advanced knowledge and improved safety whilst driving. If bad weather conditions give poor visibility the display will identify the edges of the road and pick out objects such as road signs. Also GPS can be added to show the destination and even the building that you’re heading to.

Data is gathered as you drive by the HUD windscreen using camera based sensors for the navigation and night vision, and then the images are projected on to the screen surface with ultraviolet lasers.

In the near future GM says we will see this system on their models. So the question is would you like to see an AR windscreen on your next vehicle?

Check out Mashable to see more about this exciting new development.



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