Gas Prices At 2008 Levels

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

Motorist around the world are now paying the same price for gas as they did in October 2008. The price of gasoline rose yesterday due to an expected increase in demand; we can all expect spring to be a hard time for drivers when they go to fill up.

Republican America reports that gas prices rose to $2.799 per gallon nationwide, this was an increase of a penny from the day before. Over the past month, the price of a gallon of gas has gone up by 18.9 cents – this is 87.9 cents higher than the same period last year.

Experts are expecting prices to hit $3 per gallon by the spring, but the increase is not all due to high demand – tax has a huge part to play as well. Drivers in the UK will be the hardest hit; they already pay over £5.30 per gallon – that’s over $8 per gallon.

Let us know how much you are paying for a gallon of gas, and what do you think the government should do to stop the rising cost?

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  • scott miles

    Oh these high prices , Don't the general publick realize that it's a lie! So the mobil oil company can make more money ,thats why the prices are up .There is no other reason except that the rich get richer. If the people in america would refuse to pay it the price would go down.

  • dann

    maybe the gov.t should build refineries and refine the oil them selves instead of the oil companies. that would create jobs at the same time all over the country. maybe the corps of engineers could get this started. not sure about that one. all i know is that the oil companies have too much control on production and what refineries close for repairs. this is about jobs, spending, travel etc.