Facebook Users Beware: New ‘Password Reset’ Scam

By Jamie Pert - Mar 19, 2010

It has recently been revealed that there is a new threat out-there for Facebook users world-wide, this latest scam comes via email and asks Facebook users to reset their Facebook password.

The scam itself involves users receiving a legitimate-looking email from what victims believe is Facebook, this email tells users that they need to reset their Facebook password, to do this you have to download an attachment.

Once the attachment is downloaded it can result in your computer being infected with a range of different malware, such as password-stealing Trojans or fake antivirus solutions, both of which are a threat to users.

McAfee are reporting that over the last 48 hours detections of the particular exploit have risen dramatically, therefore it shows that many users are falling for this relatively simple scam.

If you think you have been infected I would recommend updating your antivirus protection and doing a full system scan, if you have received any dodgy-looking emails recently from what claims to be Facebook I would recommend deleting these as companies don’t send you unsolicited passwords.

Source: CRN

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