Facebook Users: Another Email Scam

Facebook users are facing another email scam; these unscrupulous people are hoping that users will pass on their passwords to them. McAfee has since sent out a warning to Facebook users – after they had found this latest email scam.

CTV Toronto explains that the emails being sent out asks the Facebook users that it would be wise to change their password as it has been reset – they are then asked to click the link that appears in the email to change it. However, once you click on the link a program is downloaded.

This is when the fun begins, this program will then allow hackers to not only learn about your Facebook password, but all other passwords stored on your computer. According to McAfee, this has become the sixth most-prevalent scam so far.

Whenever you get an email asking you to change your Facebook password, chances are they are scams. Another thing to look out for is the bad grammar in the emails, if the email starts, “Dear user of Facebook,” then delete right away. This sort of thing will happen more and more as Facebook gains more users, we recently reported that the social media website is more visited than Google in the U.S.



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