BF2 Crashing Stats: PS3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Crash Frequency

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

When the PS3 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out, it was a must have game along with Sony’s MAG that replaced Call of Duty MW2 for many gamers. Following on from our previous complaints about Battlefield Bad Company 2 crashing, we thought we needed an update and feedback from our readers.

In the last couple of days we reported that a BF2 patch was needed on the PS3 and maybe even Xbox 360 version, since then our wish came true with an update. This patch should have fixed many issues that players were experiencing, but it seems the freezing is still there.

On our test PS3 Slim and Fat PlayStation 3, we can report that both have had connection issues and crashing after being updated with the update. Being told “the connection to the game server has been lost” is not fun, but getting it for over 30-minutes and told to check your network connection can wind some players up.

So is it only us? We want to hear from our readers that have BF Bad Company 2 and have updated with the latest update. Vote in the poll below, and tell us your crash frequency. Lets try and get some stats here.

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  • Andrew_stevevson10

    does anyone have the answer to this bc mine is doing it now too i have 100% strength but i play for like to seconds and just goes back to the main screen  help anyone plaese

  • Andrew_stevevson10

    does anyone have the answer to this bc mine is doing it now too i have 100% strength but i play for like to seconds and just goes back to the main screen  help anyone plaese

  • We_got_5_on_it

    just got the game 2 days ago and every 2 seconds it says disconnected due to lack of and when i finally join i game after 1 min all of a sudden im back at the main menu

  • Anonymous

    I have the exact same problem, hope you have found a way to make it work, because i can hardly live without it :-/ I have tried deleting, reinstalling, and updated, loaded gamedata again, and still the sound cuts out after 4-5 mins if i am lucky to join my freinds games at all. It either frezzes in thefirst round, and can only turn it off via I/O button. Beep bep beep…. If not, then as the next round is loading, and loading and loading until i force myself to quit game and hear my ps3 reseting with three beeps 🙁
    Please help if you have found a way to fix it 🙂

  • feu

    All of my other games are workink online fine at my ps3, but my best game: BF Bad Company 2 crashes every 5 minutes (for real, no joking!). The same message appears telling I have had a connection
    problem and to check my network connection! I’ve read in some foruns that should be a port config of my router, but when i was playing with my log in ID at a friends house, with his console, the same problem has happened! And when he plays with his ID it worked ok.
    I tried to play with his ID at my console in my house, but it did’t work either.
    Any ideas? Anyone?

  • Gabriel

    Im playing normaly when suddendly the game crash and im in windows desktop..what happened>?

  • DiguinhoSturm

    Same problem here after the last update: "You have been disconnected due to lack of activity". Can anyone help us?

  • MisterDiamonds

    For the pass few weeks now I have kicked from games and a window pops up an Say "You have been Dissconnected for lack of activity" I was in the mind set that is was my Router D-Link DIR-601…but my other online games ae no issues at all…can anyone help me??

  • Miko

    Still crashing on my PS3, infact its gotten worse the last few days.
    Tonight I crashed 3 times within 2 maps.

    After the 2nd crash I did the turn on ps3 and hold eject for the fan blast to help cool/clear the vents trick then I laid it on its side ontop of a wooden box so it was off the ground.
    Still crashed.

    Also got no access to my stats. They come up as ZERO.

  • tataros

    any updates on this issue?

  • deeeeee

    I only crashed 2 times but i dont know why

  • quentin

    funny reading these comments, because most seem to freeze during the connection. My system always freezes at the end of a match when the cut scene starts..I have to "quit game", go back to the xmb, and then restart the game to play again. I never know what I did that round and have to play with a different group of guys unless I had a friend in the previous match…Hope they fix this

  • Miguel

    And I don't play on line!!

  • Rake

    They're never gonna fix the crash issue. It was a huge problem already with BFBC 1 and they did nothing to investigate or adress these issues. Sadly…

  • mIKE

    So that means all 3 platforms are crashing.

    PS3=This website
    XBOX360= My friend says it crashes to the dashboard when joining a game
    PC=This is what I play on, and the new update has caused it to crash to my desktop every server updates. DICE FIX THE FUCKING GAME ALREADY ITS BEEN BROKEN SINCE LAUNCH!

  • Ben

    I have a slim and have not been able to play for a week. Every time I join a game I freeze at the loading screen. Every time I’ve had to hard reset my ps3. I’m going to give up until thee are reports that the freezing is fixed, the constant freezing must not be good for my machine

  • Kev

    I've never had the game crash on my PS3 yet, but I get kicked from the server every single time I play.
    I can some times play a full round, but once I change to attackers or defenders in the next round it always kicks me from the server after a few mins, losing all my stats for that game. It's doing my head in! I love this game so I hope it gets fixed very soon.
    I installed the patch, played a game and got kicked after the first round. Oh dear!

    • scoonic

      I have the same problem, normally when i am having a belting game
      I nearly threw the ps3 out my window this morning
      Surely they must be looking at a fix for it
      I never had one issue with COD2
      come on guys Chop Chop, sort it out