Apple iPad: Price reduction on TV shows

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

When Apple announced its iPad tablet device back in January, we were promised newspaper subscriptions from a number of publications, this has yet to happen. In a recent report from WSJ, Apple is concentrating more on offering a price reduction for TV shows.

Apple already knows a thing or two about this, thanks to Apple TV. Apple is now in discussions about reducing the price of each TV show to just 99 cents – most TV shows currently cost $1.99 and $2.99. We have to wonder if the iPhone maker has got is priorities straight.

Many of us would have pre-ordered the iPad solely for signing up and reading the daily newspaper on the tablet device – we just hope that Apple will not keep us waiting long, this could effect sales compared to Amazon’s Kindle.

As you would expect many of the major TV studios are not happy with Apple’s idea of a price cut, they worry that it could cost them tens of billions of dollars in subscription fees. Read more about this by visiting CNN Money.

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  • joeblow

    wow whoever would buy this and then pay for tv shows is a super huge sucker. You can just jump on hulu or use boxee box for all the free shows you want. Apple fans = not so bright but oh so trendy and deep pockets