Apple iPad Incremental Sales vs. iPhone and iPods

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2010

The iPad has been available for Pre-order for a week now and sales are looking promising. Apple are pinning a lot of hops on this new tablet device, which will be shipping from April 3, but is it the game changer that we all thought it would be?

When Apple launched the iPod the competition was crushed by how popular the MP3 player had become – Apple then duplicated that success with the iPhone back in 2007. Now the Cupertino company hopes that the iPad will have that same success.

North Jersey explains that there is a problem with that though, the iPod and the iPhone was revolutionary in its design – the iPad is not, it is more a facsimile of a current design, but on a larger scale. This can be seen on a recent Doritos spoof video.

That is not to say that sales of the iPad will be affected by this small setback, they will just be more incremental than the iPhone and iPod were. Both Apple devices now have a cult status in the world of technology – not certain if this will ever happen with the iPad. Maybe in time, but that will not happen until the 2nd or 3rd- generation.

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  • I believe that the IPod will be a huge success. I disagree with North Jersey that the IPod is not different enough from the Touch and IPhone and other small devices that use touch technology or allow access to the Net and e-mail. The size/weight, speed and price of the IPod make a huge difference– you can comfortably read material on a high definition screen that is eight times larger in area then an IPhone/Touch (45 sq in VS 5.8 sq in). This makes a big difference– less time scrolling and pinching or stretching to read pages of information. Also Apple is very good at allowing users an easy and intuitive interface– a sure hit with seniors and people not interested in computer arcane detail, but just want to pick up a device that allows immediate access to books, magazines, newspapers, e-mail, websites. For younger folks there's knock your socks off gaming capability. And all of this can be done most anywhere you like since the IPad is the size and weight of a medium sized book. Once people actually see and hold an IPad it's going to take off. The IPad is to portable reading and acts that require vision as the IPod was to portable music/audio.