Windows 7 Phone: Reasons to stick with iPhone in 2010

By Peter Chubb - Mar 18, 2010

Apple launched its first iPhone three years ago and in 2010 we still await a few features needed to make it even better. The iPhone has done very well for Apple and the carriers who partnered with them. Many smartphones have come and gone and still the iPhone has managed to see them off – the Windows 7 Phone is seen as the next big contender.

It is no secret that the iPhone still lacks a number of features, and the 4G version will still not address those – such as Flash support. There are those out there who are considering replacing their iPhone for the upcoming Windows 7 Phone, but you should not be so hasty.

TFTS has given its readers 8 readers not to replace their iPhone with Microsoft’s smartphone. The first is that the new handset does not come with true multitasking, which we discussed in a recent post.

The second is that there is no Copy and Paste; the third is that the new Windows Phone has no Flash support, just like the iPhone. The fourth is that there is no removable storage, fifth, no apps in Marketplace. The sixth and most important of them all, the iPhone 4G with the new OS should be out in the summer.

The seventh reason is that Microsoft are not making their own handsets, and the final reason not to trade in your iPhone is that the Windows 7 Phone is about a year too late. For more details on these 8 reasons visit TFTS

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  • KE4YQD

    Agreed. And skyfire allows flash on WM devices already. So i don't need an app for that, because I have the full flash version straight off the internet.

    No copy paste? No Multitasking? Is he comparing an old Iphone? Windows devices have always been able to do this. Is this guy an idiot? I hope he didn't get payed for this article.

  • Argon

    Junk pile of personal opinion of author and no facts