Wal-Mart NJ: “All black people leave the store now”

By Peter Chubb - Mar 18, 2010

We have recently learnt that shoppers were stunned by what they heard on a PA in Wal-Mart NJ. According to the Guardian the public address said, ”All black people leave the store now.” This has shocked me just reading about it, but to actually be there must have been like stepping back in time.

Walmart and other high-profile organizations would never condone such behavior; as a result the retail giant has now launched a full investigation. One shopper said it was “appalling, stupid and sad.”

The report states that it was a male voice that made the racist announcement in the store in Washington Township New Jersey. Wal-Mart officials have issued an apology for the incident, saying that it was “unacceptable”.

Source – Guardian

Were you shocked by this news?

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  • whatever

    Hey, if you want some real derrogatory statements just turn on a hip-hop cd. And black people are going to say it's so awful what this punk white kid said? Come on. Grow up.

  • whatever

    Lots of ignorant ranting here. The kid pranked using the PA. He didn't use derrogatory language, Walmart didn't grant him permission. Get off the race train, this is 2010. It is MANY years beyond 'No Blacks' signs and many more past slavery – why keep going backwards? Aren't there enough other problems plaguing our country to let something this small ruin your day?

  • askwhy whobenefits

    We take ourselves way to serious in the USA. We always end up on the extreme side of everything. No ground for common sense. Pop culture now dictates truth even in science. Facts are now irrelevant. If you believe anything outside of what pop culture has programed most people to think…you are considered uneducated or insane. You could have a picture of the truth… or the facts engraved in stone and someone from whatever extreme side they are on would not allow it to penetrate their programing. Sheep.

  • Matt

    You know if the person had said that all white people had to leave, nothing would have happened. But when it happens the other way around, all hell breaks loose, that isn't fair. In fact, its harder to be a white person in America than any other race!

  • anon

    its obviously some nut job on minimum wage who had access to the PA and felt like havin a laff . not thinking of the bigger picture

  • Sirx

    As a Black man, I have to say that I would have been laughing really hard if I heard that announcement in my local Wal-Mart.

    But seriously, I hope that employee, and Wal-Marts all over the country for that matter, realize that if all of the Black people did "leave the store now", and took all of their money with them, Wal-Mart would definitely start suffering it's own recession, which would affect it's employees in the forms of layoffs and reduced benefits.

    Whatever your ethnicity, "green" is STILL the most powerful "race" in the world.

  • Sit Bits

    Let it go. Sounds like it was just a prank.
    I think maybe all the people getting mad over this, that inside themselfs, maybe there racist some how.

  • sam

    have any of you even BEEN to washington, NJ? I have, and I can honestly say that it is the redneck capital of Jersey. It doesnt surprise me at all and anyone from around there would tell you the same. to me it doesn't matter; if you dropped the kid off in harlem we would see just how tough he thinks he is……

    • marcos r

      damn straight look im from new brunswick nj and if sum one woulf of done that there they wouldnt like the reprocuttions of my community a bunch of redkneck kids doing stupid and ignotant kids like that deserve a suvere ass whoopin excuse my language but its true

      • sam

        Yeh Buddy!!–Somerville doesn't take kindly either!!

  • Shalashaska

    I love how this kinda crap is made such a big deal about, anyone nowadays can cry "rasicst" and thats the end of it, the human race as a whole sucks, along with religion, iseral blah blah blah

  • Kenshin

    Yeah you can say whatever the blue hell you want , but should you? And lets be honest peeps,, if dude said it, and close to his proximity was a 6.0 ft, 240lb black dude (uh .. that would be me..I kinda like the Gym… not to mention the spandexed women there . XD .. but I digress .) standing next to him while he was saying it, do ya really think it would have came out without the "freedom" of someone taking him to task for something like that? Yeah, he might have, just to prove a point, but lets be honest, he would have a lump in his throat the size of a softball with the thought bubble over his head …"OH …..$######!!!!!!!!!!TTTTTT!"

  • kenshin

    While I totally understand that this is something that is probably pretty dammed hard to prevent (reading minds and all) its just one of those things that need to be responded to in the appropriate manner immediately. Cost of doing business.

    Oh, and for those who thought this was funny, good on you. You have just painted yourselves as the EXACT problem with who just DONT GET IT. Its not about being PC, some things are just WRONG. Even if it was "all whites leave the store" it would still be wrong, no more, no less. And with the history of OUR country, some folks need to learn that while you can play the card of freedom of speech (I stand for it, totally), play the social liberated mindset and claim your right to say what you want and every one else (especially those BLACKS) who need to get over it, cause there is a black president, need to stop being so sensitive, there still needs to be a moral compass. Freedom without morality is not freedom, just social petulance.

  • Kenshin

    Look, I dont blame walmart, however the fact that it HAPPENED there thru THEIR PA system bears some responsibility NOT to what was said, but how the person even got on the PA system in the first place (if it was NOT an employee). IF (and this is a big IF ) IF…. it was an employee then there needs to be some sort of official condemnation of the act BY Walmart to save face. Walmart is not to blame, but its like this, if you slip on a water spill in a store you can sue the store for NOT TAKING THE PROPER steps to avoid that.

  • WhiteGuy

    I'm not racist, but pretty funny as a joke! LOL

    • Matt


  • david

    Really funny some one like you made the comment and some one like you made walmart look bad grow up yeah there is racism black and white and people like you fuel it

  • white dude

    Actually it was a 16 year old loser that made the announcement. Fortunately he was caught by the surveillance cameras along with his butt buddy. I hope he spends some time in the juvenile detention with some black kids his age and gets a lesson 🙂

    • Dumbass

      Yeah, because black kids are REALLY strong and can fight anyone and win.

  • Ady

    This is insensitive, but come on…. it is funny….. Its would nearly have been as funny as if he had said could "all fat people leave the shop" (but obviously fat people dont really care as much and of course the fact you offend the PC'ists makes it all the funnier . Oh shouldnt have said that…. That statement was a bit…."fattist?"…and "PC'ist". Oh but that doesnt matter as much.) but people picking out the black white yellow differences in people seem to get oh look at me and my politically correct programmed ways to demonstrate their "Political correctness skills" Because you say someone is black and thick it doesnt mean you are a discriminating racist, your just identifying their individual characteristics. Its the same as short white dude or pig ugly half cast chick. And why is it deemed a bad thing to be XXX'ist like erm sexist. If i said the average man is stronger than the average female, the female PC'ists would scream at me thats sexist and there are lots of stronger women etc…. but it is sexist, but why is that offensive?… its true…Does the label Sexist get in the way of the truth in fear of becoming non-pc… i seem to think so.

  • Thinking man

    It is interesting that so many are so quick to blame WalMart. The store had only the responsibility to investigate who made the statement and take appropriate action. What if a black man made the comment because he felt black shoppers should not support the Walmart stores because the fail to provide healthcare the way they should and pay their employees a fair salary?

  • Bobby

    Why was my previous comment now posted?

  • Bobby

    Black people are so sensitive. It was probably a prank by some 16 year old kid that ran from his mom while shopping in Walmart….We all know (including black people) that if the announcement had been "All white people leave the store now" this story would not have even made local news.

    • Are you "F"ing serious? Black people are so sensitive, really? I am white and I am offended by you and half the shit I am reading on here. It is your ignorance that allows racism to keep on. Take a look back in history, why should white people care if there was an announcement that asked them to leave? White people are so sensitive.
      I am white and I am married to a black man and we have 2 kids together. We have been pulled over for no reason, we have had people leave a restraunt or move to a different part amongst other things. So please don't say stupid shit like black people are so sensitive, especially when you have racist mutherfuckers out there who don't like someone because of the color of their skin…..talk about sensitive.

      • reginald wellington

        no……they really are sensitive. i dont have a problem with black people in general but the ones who act like thugs and parade around with their pants below their ass are the ones i dislike, and for that matter thats anybody who acts like a thug not just african americans. a black comedian could talk all day about white people but the instant a white man stood up and said something derogatory toward a black man it would be all over the news and the guys entire career would be gone, this is true and you know it.

        • I agree I dislike people who 'act' like thugs and pity the people (all races) who simply don't know any better.

          But i disagree that Black people are too sensitive. In fact, I've become so used to women clutching their purse; being watched in stores (even when I'm in a suit); police doing blatant maneuvers (sometimes dangerous to other citizens) to follow me; people thinking racism died in the Civil Rights Act (or with Obama) and thus it's fine to say dumb things; and the proliferation of the N-word (both hatefully and from ignorance) that I shrug off 9/10 offenses. At the same time, that apathy is far more dangerous. Trust me, no one has enough energy to simply say "not cool" to all the ignorance minorities face. Is it my responsibility to educate them if I find them ignorant? It's not my fault they are ignorant. In fact, I wasn't even going to respond to this, but I just happened to have the time and energy. That said, I have to get back to work.

          Besides, this happens everyday. Look at the name-calling to Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. John Lewis. There's that apathy again.

      • Jackson

        calm down fatty…

        I personally think this is funny as hell.

      • Ben Dover

        well thatrs your fault for marrying a black guy.

        • weALLhaveMELANIN!!!

          Don't worry, Karma will bite your ass one day. Something like… your daughter will only date/ marry Black guys.

          S'Funny how real life opens your eyes like that.

  • John

    This is hilarious…

  • Not are black people the only victims here. also Walmart. Most every head line I read states “Walmart askes all black people to leave the store.” This is wrong and this kind of reporting is irresponsible. It insites people to jump to the conclusion that Walmart is racist. Walmart did not make that remark. An indiviual with a twisted mind did. Lets find this indiviual and bring his hatred to light. Injustice is making evil of a department store that had no evil in them to start with.

    • Kabin

      People who shop at Walmart deserve what they get… a low class atmosphere and their job going out of the country. Find a good store you fool!.

  • weALLhaveMELANIN!!!

    Sorry site admin… forgot to put my email. I've sent two replies already, can they be shown?

  • weALLhaveMELANIN!!!

    Haha, you're about ass funny ass the igno-runt fool who made the announcement, mistaking it for a joke.

    Funny how racists (like jock-strap here) only get brave & mouthy when their faces are hidden, or in groups… or both, like the KKK. Cowardly jocks… I mean, pr*cks.

    (All mis-spelling is purely intentional)

    • Anon

      I'd love to be in the Kool Kids Klub mayn!

  • omg…this is the most funnyest things i have ever heard in my entire life. i knew it was going to happen sometime

    • weALLhaveMELANIN!!!

      The "most funnyest things" huh? (At least spell it right, damnit! And check ya grammar while you're at it…)

      You must live an extremely sheltered and sad lifestyle if this was even remotely amusing to you, let alone the FUNNIEST.

      Maybe you've been born into the wrong millenium?

  • aisha

    all i can say is im a appalled and shocked and what i have just read, espeically as i work in a walmart/asda in UK. Such a shame we breathe the same air as these ignorant dumb ass people.

  • Mixed Race

    Amusing? Hmnnn…. Sometimes being PC can curb humour and yes it does go too far at times. However, ignorance is not humour. Growing up in Britain, I have watched family being racially abused. One memory is a 6 year old telling mum and I (would have been 8/9) to go back to our own country. Actually, this is our country. Colour is still a divide, no matter how you try to shade it.

  • Cheshire

    Thank God, not all Americans I know are like that. But there are still a lot of them, still ignorant of the fact that God made us all, and we all go through the same life patterns, and the skin colour is the only difference. Blacks were oppressed and still are, and obviously, a lot will always carry that stigma around with them, until they come face to face with the truth that they are just as special as the only person. Without dragging this on, which we could, America needs a wake up call, but will they ever wake up to the fact that every nation, tribe, culture is like the rainbow of the world, maybe not until The Judgement Day. I believe there is one.

    • joe

      Which God made us all. The muslims believe differently, so why not that deluded man who made the announcement. Freedom of speech is a privilege for all not just a chosen few. Oh! by the way I thought it was just a childish prank

      • Yohan

        Freedom of speech is not the freedom of suppresing others verbaly. The latter, in fact holds no similarity to freedom of speech, but is just a cliché. Thank you Joe, for keeping the cliché alive…

        A full investigation requires action. Lets see what actions they may take.

  • Michael

    Dear Clay,

    What about Barack Obama?

  • Michael

    It's amazing how uptight people get by this sort of thing. Or maybe they are just demonstrating their Political Correctness.
    I thought it was quite funny myself

    • Susan

      If your're a white man only you could see the stupidity of this.

    • Barley

      That is because your a fool, simple as that.

  • ray

    wonder what would have happened if it had announced, whites of asian to leave?

    • fundybayman

      Absolutely nothing, no one would care.

    • joe

      Do not concern yourself unduly, because the whites are a down trodden race in the UK. Non whites have greater privileges than the indigenous population. By the way I am not condoning that announcement with regard to the black race, it is narrow minded and ignorant.

      • astroboy

        'whites' make up a massive 92% of the UK population (59M). They retain a majority influence in all aspects of British society in terms of buying power, employment, political and media representation.

        The other 8% of 'non whites' in the UK consist of only 4.5M people, although a minority figure, this is still too large a mix of people to make negative generalisations.

        Sounds like you've been reading too much of the Daily Mail/Sport or BNP racist nonsense Joe.

    • Anon

      Everybody would just laugh it off, because blacks apparently are the only ones discriminated against, and only white people are racist, apparently.



    • Caleb

      Yeah, picking up any phone and dialing *96 (or hitting the button that says "Paging" is really top notch security.

    • Blackman

      What if it was a black man that made the announcement???