T-Mobile iPhone 4G in 2010 / 2011: Android Main Focus

By Peter Chubb - Mar 18, 2010

We have mentioned on a number of occasions about the iPhone 4G and the hope that Apple will launch their new smartphone this year – not only on AT&T but Verizon as well. A new rumor has now started that T-Mobile could be getting the iPhone either in 2010 or 2011.

The original report of this story comes from the Financial Times – the British newspaper was in a conversation with Deutsche Telekom’s CEO. The talks between the two went on to discuss that the iPhone will come to T-Mobile USA this year or next, but until then the main focus will be on Android handsets.

Engadget picks up on the fact that T-Mobile makes it sound as though Google Android is being used until something better comes along – that would be the iPhone then. It is no secret that T-Mobile – Americas fourth largest mobile carrier – is losing out to the likes of AT&T, the iPhone could help change its fortunes.

We do not know how much truth there is in this rumor; this could be one that we have to take with a pinch of salt. If you had the choice of the iPhone going to Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon, which one would you choose?

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  • There is no 3g or 4g service in mississippi so why am I pay so much?each phones does the same thing bounces off other towers. Ripoff

  • Tay…tay

    Sha..nay..nay…TMOBILE is got to be the one……Best over all

  • amanda

    sup u guys out there here that u guys are having problem with some of the new phones for the new year im planning 2 buy a new phone which phones do u think would be more conveinent alright let me knw wat u guys think bye

  • sam

    t-mobile hey it already has 4g

  • R III

    Def, not T mobile I get alot of dropped calls and I call to customer service and their solution is for me to turn off my phone everyday then turn it back on, that is just stupid

  • chocolate 27

    Hey im a T-mobile customer and i dnt wanna leave but yall gonna force me to if u dont get the iphone

  • at&t hater

    t mobile cause i went with at&t they are the worst company ever and man they make promisess they never keep and they steal big time i wish they just shut down and go home and what is wrong with appel why they gave their phone to a company with a bad name and why just them why our money not good enough has to be at&t that is just wrong short life let us enjoy it okay appel thats why i dont buy nothing from appel cause they did this with the phones

  • Richard Brooke

    so is this Iphone coming to the U.S.A. too? I want it!

  • Richard Brooke

    dude if TMOBILE gets the IPhone I am so staying a tmobile customer and will pay for this phone in a heart beat and will keep with them, and have already been with them for ten years and a half so far! I wouldn't miss this for the world!

  • G1girl


  • e.l

    tmobile, never had a problem with them no dropped calls, best customer service, want the iphone but dont want to switch to att or any other carrier.

  • jojo

    well i think T MOBILE should have that the best service we can t let verzion or sprint bet us so but the iphone for t moblie tm all day

  • str8 CALI 323


  • wilona

    u guys r so cheep

    • Thomas

      shut up wilona

  • jUNIOR


  • mrstrini

    tmobile i'm waiting……..

  • gto910

    I've been dying to get an iphone but refuse to move to ATT. Ihave tmobile since 1998(omnipoint-voicestream-TMobile). i have been with them so long because of they service and customer loyaly perks. PLEASE BRING IT TO TMOBILE>

  • Cruz

    T-mobile ive had t-mobile for 5 years and never had a no problems with it i had gotten the htc hd2 and the phone sucked so i unlocked an iphone and i love it and ill never go to att

  • mee


  • Erika

    i hope if the rumor is true it goes str8 to tmobile because i love tmobile and im dying to get the iphone 4 but i dont wanna switch companies

  • lauren

    would be great if tmobile gets this so i can get an i phone. I WILL NOT switch from tmobile. Best service, best price and best customer service. SPrint and verizon both screw you out of your money. and i signed up with tmobile YEARS ago and i have a blackberry now with no problems. I also signed up for unlimited messaging for famalies at a special rate of 9.99 for entire family. so im good with tmobile =)

  • mz.tmac

    plz t-mobile for sure been w/t-mobile every since they 1st came out & were voice stream t-mobile has the best plans im sick of the android can't wait to get the i-phone rfses to switch to at&t

  • anel

    T-Mobile is the best i like my plan and it will be awsome if they get the iPhone

  • tfan

    GO IPHONE for T-Mobile….. I was with Tmobile for almost 8 years and don't want to change it…

  • javier

    I say it should go with tmobile I been happy with them since I left sprint they rip ppl off and drops calls I heard of a lot of ppl going thru the same and going to tmobile

  • ashley

    tmobile…im sick of androids..they r all the same

  • rmon

    t-mobile baby.. thousand of users jailbreak to be with tmobile..no problems, no drop calls, 3g flawless

  • jenniferFRMlancPA

    Most def T-Mobile….that would be awesome….I have been wanting the iPhone since I first heard about it a few years back. I have T-Mobile and I refuse to switch to AT&T because I am happy with my service and the fact that T-Mobile has flex-pay which AT&T does not have!!

  • josh

    SPRING ?

  • erin

    T-mo… already use it jailbroken… no problems… with their plan its not only cheaper.. but in deadspots you can roam to att forno charge… best of both worlds

  • Rocket21

    Verizon… Its the ONLY network that works here… I suppose if AT&T put up a tower or something here, I'd give an AT&T iPhone a try… Tried it for one whole day until I found I had NO SERVICE… returned it the next day and went crawling back to Verizon.

  • Frank from SF

    Any carrier but ATT would do, but I would prefer Spring or TMobile, never used Verizon so don't know about their quality from a customer's experience. My calls via Spring were clear and solid, switched over to ATT because of the iPhone, hate it the call quality, drop calls and the poor 3G network access or lack of it, after 4 months, unlocked phone, switched to TMobile and was happy until I missread and missuderstood the upgrade to 3.1.3 from 3.1.2 firmware, iPhone is now locked; only works as an iPod touch now, can't get it unlocked and am not going back to ATT, so patiently waiting to see what develops soon. Currently using my TMobile chip on an old TMobile razor phone borrowed from a friend. So entertaining going over to Sprint or get a new TMobile phone. Current ads on the net about unlocking the new firmware upgrade of 3.1.3 seems to only apply to 1st generation iPhones, not the lates like mine. So patiently waiting…

    • dmonleo

      you can get that iphon unlocked again, all you gotta do is a little research……

  • romeo


  • BW25

    T-Mobile or Sprint. I currently have the 3GS.