Sony Playstation Move: New video laughs at Project Natal

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2010

Sony has released a new video touting the benefits of their Playstation Move motion controller, while at the same time, taking a clean swipe at rivals Microsoft and their Project Natal motion system.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, the video is from Sony VP Kevin Butler, who tells us that he is in the future and what the world is like with Playstation Move in our homes.

With key references to Motion Fighter and an FPS title (SOCOM 4?) using Move, he takes a swipe at Natal by saying you cant play precise games like shooters without the need for buttons – (which Natal lacks), by stating: ”Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun?”

Further swipes are taken at Project Natal’s Milo and Kate game too, so it looks as if Sony has started a war of words amongst the two conflicting devices.

What are your thoughts on it? Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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  • bone thrack

    if i had the money i would buy both but im not that much a fan of FPS games so ill probably go with natal ive seen a fighting game demo and it looked cool. i also don't own a ps3 so that tieing in with it. (do own a wii.)

  • zak

    why would you flick a football? David Beckham on the field flicking a football around LOL, natal is giving people a new experience, and making a huge marker in the future of gaming and technology as a whole. lets face it. u know that natal is going to be better u just dont want to admit it because u r loyal to ur console brand. if you read other reports on this video u will find them calling the promo "stupid" and "out of their league" infact here is a paragraph from one of them:

    Sony's got to actually innovate: they've got to show what makes the Move different than "a Wii remote for PS3," and that's a tough task, because the hardware just isn't particularly inspiring. And taking digs at Microsoft, the company that's not only innovating but kicking your ass while doing it? Not helping.

    • stephen p

      lol zak, a kinect is an eye toy. A move is a super wii remote which is about 500 times more accurate and supports real games with its z-axis use. Not 6 year old party games.

  • paul

    Ah the ignorance baffles me…why do you want to kick using your foot in Natal for football, when just a flick of your finger will do? Natal forces developers to innovate.

  • Tony Lee

    @zak – I think its quite obvious the market Sony are going for; those sitting on the fence waiting for a definitive reason to buy the PS3 over the Wii. If Nintendo have had massive success with their motion control, there’s no reason to think Sony can’t get a small slice of that pie. I still can’t see how Natal will be viable in anything more than silly party games; for the more complex games, I’m sorry, but you most definitely need buttons. Simples.

    • zak

      xbox isn't completely removing the controller it will still be used for many games and even future games. but natal is for ALL areas of entertainment not just games, which is why in my opinion it is better. it is also aimed at non gamers who wouldn't have a clue what button to press. but still i loved the ps1. but i think move will just be another version of the wii. and party games? take a look at the move controller…its like disco

  • zak

    WHY REMOVE MY COMMENT…ps3 lover?

  • elitesniper

    Take THAT microsoft

  • zak

    ohhh yes of course i forgot…i love playing football with my HANDS and BUTTONS…why would you kick a foot ball with your actual foot in a game of football??? huh? and yes fighting games nowadays seem to involve your whole body…hey here is a BRILLIANT IDEA!! why not have Hollywood use playstation move instead of actual motion capture (like natal) can you imagine angelina jolie with two christmas light's stuck to her hands in beowulf…now that must be better than full body motion capture

  • zak

    who wants to pretend a stupid multicoloured wand thing is a gun? playstation move has replicated the wii and anyone already owning a wii isn't likely to buy it. why would some one want to buy something that already exists? the point is NATAL will kick playstation and the wii's ass by a million miles. anyone that thinks different…just wait for next year and see for yourself =]

    • zak your right i would feel like an idiot pretending some stick with a ball on it is a multi purpose gaming system, sony is rubbish and is trying it undermine microsoft when natal or as its now called the kinect is a clear winner in the gaming market MCIROSOFT ALL THE WAY!