Motorola Droid: Android 2.1 update delayed, Verizon customers not happy

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2010

Well we didn’t see this coming, did you? It has been reported that the long awaited Android 2.1 OS upgrade for Motorola Droid users, has been delayed until further notice.

As reported from BGR, the update was expected to start rolling out to Droid owners today and over the weekend, but now it has been postponed and no ETA on when it will be back on course.

The reason for the delay? Apparently a bug was found late last night, which has been causing all the problems. When we know more, we’ll let you know.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Belligerent Nerd

    A pox on Google, Motorola and Verizon! A pox on theeeeee!

    Delaying this update fills me with the white hot fury of a thousand suns!!!

    Oh… wait… the update is here!

    OH god… I… I… I think I’m coming! OOOAAAHHH!!!

  • joey

    Haha I think it's funny that everyone loved their droid…but then when they hear there is an update coming suddenly they hate the droid they have now and NEED the update and it makes them so mad to keep hearing about it and not getting it haha. I was happy wiith my phone last month..and yup still happy with it today. I don't need the update..however, yes some of the things on it improves upon are gonna be cool. People just always need to keep getting new toys man I swear..some of you sound like little bratty kids that didnt get the toy they wanted haha grow some patience and grow up

  • Guest

    Happy they found an important bug before rolling out, and happy they are fixing it!

  • The Franchise

    The i-phone is a great phone and that is why I bought the Motorola Droid. Impeccable logic! You just pulled a Dan Quayle, much like when he said, I love Southern California I grew up in Phoenix. Good work Frank!

  • Droid Man

    Jerry – You don’t like the Droid and you think the iPhone is superior? Did you know that in the first 74 days of sales that the Droid outsold the iPhone’s first 74 days of sales? I have had my Droid for over a month and it is so much better than the iPhone. In fact, Steve Jobs is so scared of Android phones taking his customers that he is suing HTC and fighting with Google. Not so bad, huh?

    And, Joe – This isn’t a professional corporate board or a grammar class. Get over yourself you arrogant, self exalting moron.

  • joe

    harry, can you please learn to write in English before attempting to post again, you imbecile?

  • jerry butler

    i think it fucking sucks get your head out of your ass android …why doesn't apple have these problems? thats why the i phone will continue to be superior..too bad i have the droid…very disappointed

    • harry

      if you so like apple, why u bought the droid? im sure u kno dat android rules, iphone was great but…..that was when smartphones were now becomin popular.

    • Frank

      This isn't "android" or it's parent company Google. The android 2.1 os has been out and working for months. This is Motorola getting the OS improvements being ported to the hardware. Apple doesn't have this problem because they only have one hardware format to support. There are a dozen plus android platforms out there.