Google TV: List of 16 App ideas for Android developers

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2010

If you havent heard the news about Google TV – the company’s version of a set top box offering on-demand video and audio content, then it might be a good idea to check out this useful article we’ve found.

It comes from Pocket-Lint, and lists no fewer than 16 applications that would make Google TV the best set-top box on the planet, making the likes of Apple TV drool in the process.

This is all possible thanks to the revelation that it wil be built on Android OS, meaning that its all open for eager developers to work their magic.

Great ideas for applications on Google TV include Spotify, an Ad Blocker, Shazam, TV Shopper, Social Networking, Voice Control, IMDB plug-in and much more.

Some very nice and exciting ideas there, especially the Spotify one. Check out their article above, then let us know if you have any app ideas for Google TV.

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