EA Sports MMA: Video Trailer and Release Info

By Jamie Pert - Mar 18, 2010

It has been a while since we have heard anything from EA Sports regarding their upcoming MMA game, however a new trailer video has shown up on JoyStiq, this video has been embedded at the end of this post.

The trailer features ‘actual gameplay footage’ throughout, prior to watching this trailer I was under the impression that all fights would take place in the octagon, however this trailer shows fights in a ring which is what Pride FC used before becoming defunct in 2007.

Another thing which impressed me about this trailer is that the ground-game and take-downs look particularly realistic, hopefully the control-system will perhaps make the gameplay better than UFC Undisputed 2009.

At the end of the trailer some release information is revealed, no definite release date is stated, however we should expect the game to launch in late 2010.

Do you like the look of the EA Sports MMA? Or will you just buy UFC Undisputed 2010?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Mayhem

    Octagon? Its a Hexagon, the UFC holds exclusive rights to using a octagon cage. The Trailer is great graphically & showcasing a variety of moves not seen in UFC Undisputed like realistic takedowns & sweeps. Mulple places to fight. It looked great.