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Creepiest iPhone App In 2010: 3D interactive movie with HourFace

Want to see what you or your friends might look like in 50 years? Now you can with the launch of HourFace 1.3, an app which ages the portrait of a person into a 3D interactive movie.

Developed in Japan by MotionPortrait for iPhone and iPod Touch users, this app has been top of the charts since it was first released in January, and has now been updated for its worldwide release. Users will be able to shock their friends and family by showing them what they may look like in years to come.

HourFace 1.3 allows users to use the iPhone’s camera, or get one from their library, these can then be emailed to friends once finished. Once a picture is in place the app could not be easier to use, turn the device upright for a wrinkly face, and then turn upside down for a younger avatar. The new updated version checks the photo before uploading to see if a face exists. Find HourFace 1.3 on the App Store for $2.99. Available for iPhone/iPod Touch with OS 3.0 or later.



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