Apple iPhone 4G: Audio text messages could be on the way

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2010

Some interesting news for Apple lovers who are looking to pick up the upcoming iPhone 4G handset now, as we have heard reports that Apple are exploring the possibilty of including an audio text messages feature, ‘walkie talkie style’ in the future.

As reported from Apple Insider, it is understood that Apple has been brainstorming ideas for such a service, since November 2009, but details have only been made public this week.

Since the conventional method of sending SMS texts back and forth between users are limited to a certain amount of data – it has been revealed that Apple are looking at alternatives around this, in this case – with the use of audio messages.

It is an interesting feature for sure, but would it really work? Nextel has a similar ‘walkie-talkie’ service, so we will have to wait for clearer details on this.

Head over to Apple Insider for a series of drawings, which explain the possibilties that Apple are exploring. Give us your thoughts afterwards.

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  • Demandano

    Wouldn't it just be easier calling someone?

  • Russ

    This sounds like a voicemail to me…..