Windows Phone 7: Release to see “evolved version” of IE7

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

For old Windows Mobile users the release of the IE Mobile 6 browser currently running on existing Windows Mobile 6.5 devices came as a welcome improvement. However on Windows Phone 7 the mobile web browser will be another leap forward.

When released during the Fall the Windows Phone 7 device will supersede the IE6 core, the first to offer a full HTML rendering, with an “evolved version” of IE7. Although no technical details have been released the evolution will no doubt take on the core elements of IE7, released in late 2006, and various features from IE8 which was released in 2009.

Demonstrations at Microsoft’s developer conference showed some of the improvements, such as four-point multitouch, where you are able to zoom in and out by pinching your fingers across the screen, “deep zoom” for high fidelity extreme close-ups and a very fast, smooth operation.

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