Windows Phone 7: Cut and Paste feature removed from OS

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2010

Some more news to come straight out of Microsoft’s MIX10 event now, as the company has confirmed that cut and paste will no longer be a feature in any of their Windows Phone 7 Series handsets.

As reported from PC Advisor, the new collection of handsets are due out towards the end of the year – three of which we have already identified as the LG Panther, Samsung Slate/Omnia 3 and HTC HD3.

Microsoft has stated that the main reason for the removal of copy and paste, is that it ‘isn’t necessary’ any more.

A statement reads: “We tried to focus on what the core use cases were. Certainly there will be some people that won’t be happy with some of those decisions.”

Personally, I dont think it will be too missed. It all depends on what you will mostly use your handset for. Some of the business orientated users might not be too happy with this move though.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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