Updated Apple MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro: New Price

By Peter Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

We have heard a number of rumors that Apple were updating a range of their products, as well as offering a more respectable price. We can tell you that Apple have updated the prices of their MacBook Pro, Air and MacBook Pro; this is according to PC Authority.

Engadget thought that they would take a closer look at the new pricing and hardware updates to, which was found on Apple’s Australian Store. The MacBook Pro line is now A$1,599, A$1,999 and A$3,599, respectively; although they have yet to make these new prices live.

The price of the MacBook Pro has now increased in price, suggesting that there is a hardware upgrade. We have learned that this is fact the case and the laptop will get the new Core i7-980X regalia processor. These upgrades have been in the works for some time now, just nice to see that they are finally happening.

Engadget has a number of updates on this ongoing story, visit them now for more information.

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  • Some1ulu

    Oh no !!! Its getting expensive??? I think that will change my mind..I was thinking of buying a MacBook Pro

  • mr x

    its true work in a apple shop and its really true!!!

  • joe

    too expensive

  • A1234567


  • A1234567


  • igor

    What you smokin?

  • Tae

    It's in new zealand dollar. It's been started $1999 since last model. I don't think it's for the new Arrandale MBP