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Samsung Omnia 3 on Windows Phone 7: Verizon taking on iPhone 4G

Following on from our article yesterday, which informed you about the announcement of the Samsung ‘Slate’ – the second handset to run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, it has now been thought that the device is actually the Samsung Omnia 3, which is good news for Verizon customers.

Why is it good news you ask? Well, you should be aware that Verizon usually takes Samsung Omnia handsets on board, and it shouldn’t be any different with the Omnia 3.

With the iPhone 4G expected to be released this Summer, Verizon could have their own stellar handset in the way of the Windows Phone 7-powered Omnia 3 – taking on the mantle from the Motorola Droid.

What this means is that customers are left with a very interesting choice – the iPhone 4G, or the new Samsung Omnia 3?

For a recap on what the Samsung Slate / Omnia 3 could offer, see our previous article here. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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