Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5: JavaScript Benchmark Test

By Peter Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

Microsoft know that they need to do something with their IE browser following a number of setbacks with some of its older versions. The software giant has been working on Internet Explorer 9 and hopes to be able to regain its huge market share that it once had – before the likes of Firefox and new boy, Google Chrome started eating away at it.

Yesterday was the MIX10 Microsoft developer conference and gave the company a chance to show the preview code for IE9. The new browser has a number of goals that it needs to achieve to become relevant; these include HTML 5, improved speed, SVG (scalable vector graphics) amongst others.

Internet Explorer 9 still has a way to go yet, but this has not stopped PC Mag taking a closer look at the browser and giving it a JavaScript benchmark test. Microsoft knows that most computers now come with more than one CPU, so will take full advantage of this.

Visit PC Mag now to learn how this benchmark test went.

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