Honda Recall: Faulty Brakes just like Toyota

By Peter Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

Honda has announced the recall of 412,000 vehicles in the U.S. a result of faulty brakes – something that has been a huge problem for over 8 million Toyota’s. The models affected are the 2007 and 2008 Odyssey minivans and the Element SUV.

In a statement issued by the Japanese automaker, it said that the brake pedal can become soft over time – drivers will have to push the brake pedal to the floor in order to stop the vehicle. Honda also said that if the issue is not repaired, then the brakes could fail.

Voice of America reports that Honda spokesman Chris Martin said that there have been at least three crashes – thankfully there were only minor injuries. The reason for the faulty brakes is due to air leaking into the system,

The is now the second recall in as many months for Honda, last month the automaker had to recall 437,000 vehicles due to problems with the airbags. This will not do any good for Japanese automakers, as the U.S. is now taking a much closer look at the safety of their vehicles.

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  • infoseek

    I've 08 Odyssey EXL and it's a real POS. The doors feel loose with damn noises everywhere.

    The brakes feel fine, except when the ABS is engaged. I work on my own cars and know how spongy brakes feel like.

    This is more than just air in the brake lines, cylinder, etc.

    Honda, don't be a pinhead, be honest about the problem, I'm making my payments to.

    Damn death trap.

    • ALAN

      Quit your whinning and take it to your Honda dealer.

  • Susan

    Since purchasing my Honda Civic in May 2007, I’ve had to replace my brake disks three (3) times, and brake pads almost twice a year, most recently, February 2010.

    I understand the recall presently only applies to the Element and the Odyssey however, I know it is only a matter of time Honda Civic owners will begin to come out of the wood works.

    • jim

      If I were you I would go to another dealership. In fact a good independent might be best.