God of War III: Sony PS3 falling victim to a shortage

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

With the sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console lagging behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii, Sony is relying on its highly anticipated God of War III to boost sales.

However the electronics giant is struggling with short supplies of its console to play the big-budget video game on. The PlayStation 3 which also plays DVD’s, music, Blu-ray discs and connects to the internet is a powerful console, but with buyers struggling to find them it’s dulling the excitement of the new games release.

To make it worse God or War III is produced solely for the PlayStation 3, unlike most video games that are made for multiple systems and therefore reach a wider market. This makes it critical for Sony to ship units as quickly as they can, since the majority of sales are within the first few months of hitting the shop shelves.

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  • Luke

    this is load of rubbish, sony is doing great, especially that their console PS3 is not out of date as the rival XBOX360. XBOX360 doesnt care about their consumers, they just care about making money for every little detail. They don't listen to their customers. Unlike with PS3 people send their ideas what they should add in the nxt update, and most of the time we get it. Simply these stupid articles are written by people that hate the PS3. I will write a review here somewhere, to compare the consoles fairly.

    I would only believe this article if someone from SONY says that they are struggling.