FBI could be your next Facebook “friend”

By Peter Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

There is no denying how popular Facebook and other Social Media services are becoming, people from all walks of life use them – such as criminals. The FBI knows this, which is why the Bureau is active on the site and could become your next friend.

The FBI has targeted Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn to search for evidence against criminal cases. There have been some instances where the agency was able to track suspects in a case they were working on.

FBI agents have been creating false personalities to try to befriend criminals; they then try to lure them into offering them clues into their activities. This is not the first time that law enforcement officials have used the Internet to catch criminals, they have been using chatrooms for years in the hope of drawing out suspected sex predators.

For more details on this visit the Guardian.

While attending the Social Media World Forum the other day I had to laugh when I heard that a burglar had updated his Facebook status while in the house that he was robbing.

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