Drinking Apps for St. Patrick’s Day

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2010

With St. Patrick’s Day here when is there a better time to download some apps for those drunken celebrations.

First off there’s the Irish Drinking Game. All you have to do is shake your iPhone, receive a command; you drink, and pass it on. Next is iChug for iPhone and Android which uses the built in accelerometer on your phone to time how long it takes you to down your pint of Guinness or green beer.

Another recipe for St. Patrick’s Day fun would be Android’s Beer-Word which gives you a word, blocks your phone number before calling a random person. The idea is to then try to get the stranger to say the word without uttering it yourself. Obviously normal drinking rules apply i.e., if you fail, you drink, but if you succeed, everyone else drinks.

At the end of the festivities iPhone users can download Hangover Cures for those all important remedies. Get on to PCWorld and find out about more useful apps.

How will you be spending St. Patricks Day?

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